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I just wanted to let you know I have been very, very busy these past months with work and stuff happening outside my laptop, but now that I am back I will try and update the site more often. Currently I am working on bringing you new photos of Alexander and updates on his work. Bear with me, guys, by the end of the month this website will be 100% up to date, pinky promise!

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Hi everyone, finally I put up a new layout for Alexander Skarsgård Central made by my friend, Lora. I apologize in advance for the lack of updates on this site, it was my fault on have to take hiatus longer than I planned to, anyway I’ll try to update the gallery and the site with the missing contents slowly but they’ll be there (:

I hope you didn’t find any difficulties accessing the new layout and if you have any problem with the layout please drop the comments below. I really love this layout and I hope all of you do as well. Don’t forget to follow our twitter @ASkarsCentral to follow the upcoming news & updates.


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Yesterday Alex was seen incognito in a sweater while filling up his Porsche at a 76 gas station in Los Angeles. I’ve added the candid photos of Alex to the gallery.

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Gallery Link:
[x032] Candid >> 2014 >> February 7 | Out & About in L.A.



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Variety – Kristen Wiig, Alexander Skarsgard and British thesp Bel Powley have come on board to star in coming-of-age drama “The Diary of a Teenage Girl,” which is currently shooting in San Francisco.

Caviar is the lead financier of the film with Cold Iron Pictures co-financing. Marielle Heller will direct from her own screenplay.

Bert Hamelinck and Madeline Samit of Caviar will produce along with Miranda Bailey of Cold Iron and Anne Carey of Archer Gray. Amanda Marshall of Cold Iron and Michael Sagol of Caviar will  exec producers along with Jorma Taccone. UTA will handle domestic sales of the film. K5 International will handle foreign sales.

The screenplay, based on Phoebe Gloeckner’s graphic novel of the same name, centers on a brutally honest teenage artist living in San Francisco in the 1970s as she attempts to navigate her way through an affair with her mother’s boyfriend.

Heller developed the project at the Sundance Institute Directors and Screenwriters Labs.

Powley will play the title character in her American film debut. She has starred in the Royal Court Theatre’s West End production of “Tusk Tusk” along with Tom Stoppard’s “Arcadia” on Broadway and the recent production of “Jumpy” at the Royal Court Theatre.

Wiig was most recently seen in “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.” Skarsgard was most recently seen in “The East,” “What Maisie Knew” and “Disconnect.”

Caviar co-financed and co-produced Lars von Trier’s “Nymphomaniac.”

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Dan Whitford Tells Us The Cool Story Of How A Whirlwind Bromance With Alexander Skarsgård Led To Him Starring In The New Cut Copy Video

PEDESTRIANTV - We just got off the phone with Cut Copy frontman Dan Whitford and amidst a far-reaching discussion about the making of their new album, Free Your Mind, the best night club they’ve ever been to, and what you say when Tiesto tries to collaborate with you, the Melbourne based singer-songwriter-musician told us about the serendipitous sequence of events which led to Eric Northman Alexander Skarsgård starring as a cult leader in their new “Free Your Mind” clip.

Here’s how Dan explains it: “Basically we did a show in Rio and Alex Skarsgård actually came down to the show and demanded to come backstage after. He wanted to see us because he wanted to tell us what a massive fan he was. He was telling us this story about how he was shooting a series called Generation Kill in the Kalahari Desert without a break for like four or five months and while he was there his one link back to home was listening to our second record “In Ghost Colours” on repeat. It just took him back to being in Stockholm and partying. The life he was missing out on was represented by that record. So he had this emotional attachment to that album and was a massive fan and he basically came backstage to tell us all this. We ended up hanging out and having this crazy night. The next day he introduced us to his family. He comes from a big family of actors, obviously his Dad’s a massive actor, who were all there with him at the same time. We somehow became best buddies just from hanging out in this 24 hour period and said “if we’re ever in the same place again let’s hang out”. We had such an awesome time. 

So when we were thinking about making a video for this new record we thought we’d ask him and see if he would be interested in doing it. Like, no pressure, but if you were up for it that would be awesome. We sent him the song, he loved it and he said “I’m in, let’s make this happen”. It was a very organic thing. I guess like a lot of the stuff we’ve done it’s via people we know or through friends. It was just amazing in this case because that friend happened to be this big shot Hollywood actor who people are quite fanatical about. He’s got quite the set of abs on him. It’s funny, towards the end of the day when all the staff were packing up, the ones that were left was this group of like six or seven different make up girls and hair stylists who found a reason to stick around. Everywhere he went he had this entourage of girls following him around just being like, “Skkkkaaaarrrrsssgggaarrrdd””.

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A long-haired and blond Alexander Skarsgård stars in a new music video for Cut Copy, a Australian electronic group’s latest single from its fifth studio album, “Free Your Mind”. The music video reminds me alot of his role as Eric Northman. Check out the video below!

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RadioTimes – Two major films are set to be shot in South Africa over the coming year; The Giver will commence in Cape Town on October 7 and Chappie is set to be shot early in 2014 in Johannesburg.

The Giver director Phil Noyce (Salt) is no stranger to filming in South Africa, he previously worked on political thriller Catch A Fire here. The film will star Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood), Meryl Streep (The Devil Wears Prada), Jeff Bridges (The Big Lebowski), Katie Holmes (Go) and country singer Taylor Swift, who will recreate Lois Lowry’s futuristic novel, depicting a society that falls from ‘utopia’.

The Giver will follow a young boy named Jonas, played by Brenton Thwaites (Home and Away), who is mentored and trained by The Giver (Bridges) to become a master of the society’s emotions.

Katie Holmes said that she was “really excited” about working with Meryl Streep and filming in South Africa at the Global Citizen Festival.

Early next year, Johannesburg will be home to Hugh Jackman. At at Zurich Film Festival the X-Men star explained: “I am doing a role in Neill [Blomkamps]’s new film, called Chappie, which we shoot in Johannesburg,”

Considering Blomkamp’s CV (films include District 9 and Elysium), we are expecting Jo-burg to act as a stong backdrop for Chappie. The film is tells the story of an artificial intelligence robot living in the streets of a city, who is stolen by gangsters for illegal use.

The Giver will be released in August 2014 and Chappie will be released in mid-2015.

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(click the image to watch the video)

E!Online – He may play a sexy vampire on TV who enjoys warm blood, but Alexander Skarsgård is willing to suffer through a cold spell for a good cause. Make that a long cold spell.

E! News caught up with the True Blood hottie at the Calvin Klein Fashion Week party in New York Thursday night and asked him about his just-announced race with Prince Harry across Antarctica as part of the Walking With the Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge.

Needless to say, Skarsgård was thrilled by the prospect of going up against the royal.

“I’m part of the U.S. team and I was just honored when they asked me. It’s called Walking With the Wounded, the charity,” the 37-year-old actor told E! News. “We’re gonna ski to the South Pole with three teams with four wounded soldiers on each team—a British team with Prince Harry and Dominic West from The Wire is with The Commonwealth [Canadian-Australian] Team and I’m with the Americans.”

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Yesterday Alex was seen leaving Moderica Furniture store in Los Angeles, California. I’ve added the candid photos from yesterday to the gallery. Enjoy!

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 alt=  alt=  alt=  alt=

Gallery Link:
[x013] Candid >> 2013 >> August 29 | Out & About in L.A.

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I’m by the phone waiting for Alexander Skarsgård to call, feeling like some lovelorn Bridget Jones. At least I’m not alone. I Tweet: ‘What question would you most like to ask True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård?’ Male or female, the answer is identical and instant: ‘Will he marry me?’

Voted Sweden’s sexiest man five times running, the 6ft 4in 36-year-old actor is in hot demand from every corner of the globe.

No wonder, when my phone finally rings, he’s out of breath. ‘Are you working out?’ I ask, imagining him pumping iron in an LA gym. ‘Ha, ha, quite the opposite!’ he guffaws heartily. ‘I’m back in Sweden, walking home after an intense German meal with German Beer and about three kilos of German pork. I am kind of struggling.’

It’s an appropriately carnivorous repast for the actor who portrays Eric, the 1,000-year-old Viking vampire hero of HBO’s hit series True Blood. Series six recently ended with Skarsgård full frontal naked (yes, you see it) before he dramatically bursts into flames – a climax guaranteed to leave Eric fans slavering for more.

However, Skarsgård’s six-year contract is now at an end. ‘We don’t know what will happen in the future,’ is his only, tantalising response.

True Blood reportedly earned Skarsgård a cool $275,000 (£177,000) per episode, allowing him time and money to pursue random projects of his choosing, be it snogging Lady Gaga in her video for Paparazzi or low-budget independent projects such as his latest film, What Maisie Knew.

In this affecting divorce drama, Skarsgård becomes the younger husband of Julianne Moore’s ageing rock chick and finds himself playing stepfather to Maisie, her neglected six-year-old daughter.

Skarsgård’s own parents divorced late and ‘amiably’ but, as the eldest of six siblings, he shared something of Maisie’s rock’n’roll upbringing. ‘My dad is an actor [Mamma Mia! star Stellan Skarsgård] and we had this bohemian home filled with a community of actors, poets and writers. There was always lots of people and wine and… other things around. I loved it.’

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